Brief details of previously sold Harmony USA made acoustic archtop guitars - see "VTG AVAILABLE" listings, in the Acoustic Chicago/USA Blues, Jazz, Swing Guitars section, for similar available guitars or contact me.

Similar models awaiting restoration may be available to "pre-order" - please see "Restoration" section for any similar Guitars currently "In the Workshop".

I have sold many Harmony made Archtops from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s over the years, and have a further good number of examples in the workshop for restoration They come in various finishing and timber combinations, and brandings, including S.S.Stewart and Silvertone, for Sears, mainly either All Solid Birch construction, or Solid Spruce top & Mahogany. Earlier models often have 16.5" bodies, but later ones are nominally 15.5", and scale length 25.5" with standard Harmony nut width of 1.75"/44.5mm.

These are classic Chicago, USA built Harmony Archtop Acoustic 6-String, the rare Tenor 4-String, or sometimes Electric Guitars. The original inside ink date stamp usually gives the dating of the guitar in the form of S-** or F-**, indicating that guitar was made in the Spring/Summer or Fall production run of that year. Some of the model ranges, names like Monterey, Master, Patrician, Archtone & Hollywood were amongst Harmony's longest running model ranges, in the years from the before WW11 up to the finish of USA production in Chicago in 1975.
Here are some, not all, of the Harmony made Archtop Guitars I have sold in recent times - in some cases other examples of the same models may be currently available, or at least "in the workshop". Please enquire for current availability, prices and further details.


*** SOLD *** HARMONY H954 BROADWAY USA VINTAGE 1965 ARCHTOP ACOUSTIC BLUES/JAZZ GUITAR - All Solid Birch, Red/Yellow Sunburst Finish, Fine Sounding & Condition example of long-running model - VTG1084 - Photo #7.


*** SOLD *** S.S.STEWART 7000 USA VINTAGE 1941 HARMONY MADE H1285 ARCHTOP BLUES/JAZZ GUITAR - All Solid Birch, Superb Faux Flame Finish, Kluson Tuners. All Original Restored Condition - Photo #6.


*** SOLD *** HARMONY H945 MASTER USA VINTAGE 1960 ACOUSTIC ARCHTOP BLUES/JAZZ GUITAR - All Solid Birch, Fine Sound/Condition. A Long-time favourite of mine. All Original except for Replacement Pickguard - VTG1112 - Photo #4.

2012 SALES:

*** SOLD *** HARMONY H950 MONTEREY USA VINTAGE EARLY-1940s ACOUSTIC ARCHTOP BLUES/JAZZ GUITAR - All Solid Birch, Great Restored Condition, Sound & Play. All Original except for the floating bridge and endpin Restoration I carried out, included purpose made replacement Ebony bridge base section, and some fret work - VTG1278 - Photo #5.

2013 SALES:

*** SOLD ON PRE-ORDER! *** HARMONY H1456 MONTEREY USA VINTAGE 1946 "EPITOME" SPRUCE & MAPLE ARCHTOP BLUES/JAZZ GUITAR - Rare Logo, Top-of-the-Line Model. Excellent Restored Condition, Sound & Play. All Original except for the replaced endpin! Restoration I carried out included cleating repair to small side crack, resetting the nut & fingerboard inlays, before sale to Lola Gaskin-Briggs, "The Hot House Four" - VTG1360 - 131107 - Photo #1.

2014 SALES:

*** SOLD ON PRE-ORDER! *** HARMONY H39 HOLLYWOOD VINTAGE 1966 ALL SOLID BIRCH ARCHTOP BLUES/JAZZ GUITAR - DeArmond Gold Foil Pickup. Great Condition. Restoration I completed included Neck Reset, Fingerboard & Fret work, plus Electrics checked over, before sale to Perry Foster - VTG1412 - 140301 - Photo #2.

*** SOLD ON PRE-ORDER! *** HARMONY ARCHTONE H1215TG USA VINTAGE 1964 ACOUSTIC ARCHTOP TENOR BLUES 4 STRING GUITAR - All Solid Birch 23" Scale 4 String Superb Sound, Playing & Condition All Original Except for Replacement Pickguard I purpose made copied from the original for sale to Steve Harrison, Traditional Folk Musician, West Yorkshire - VTG1456 - 140102 - Photo #3.


*** SOLD ON PRE-ORDER! *** HARMONY ARCHTONE H1215TG VINTAGE 1969 ACOUSTIC ARCHTOP TENOR BLUES 4 STRING GUITAR - All Solid Birch 23" Scale 4 String Superb Sound, Playing & Condition, Light Overhaul before sale to Graham Legge, Sound Engineer & Folk at the Salmon Bothy, Portsoy - "Totally chuffed with it..." - VTG1479 - 140703 - Photo #9.

2015 SALES:

*** SOLD ON PRE-ORDER! *** HARMONY H1407 PATRICIAN USA VINTAGE 1966 ARCHTOP BLUES & JAZZ ACOUSTIC GUITAR - All Solid Spruce & Mahogany Great Professionally Restored Condition, Sound & Play, My restoration included installing new Trussrod, Re-Levelling Fingerboard & Refret - VTG1443 - 151107 - Photo #8.

2016 SALES:

*** SOLD *** GIBSON L-4 VINTAGE 1942 BEAUTIFUL SUNBURST BLUES, JAZZ & SWING ARCHTOP ACOUSTIC GUITAR - All Solid Woods, Carved Spruce Top, Maple Back & Sides, Low Action, Excellent Condition, Great Classic Vintage Archtop Sound - to local buyer - VTGC1030 - 160302 - Photo #10.


*** SOLD ON PRE-ORDER! *** HARMONY H950 MONTEREY USA VINTAGE 1963 "REDBURST" BLUES, JAZZ & SWING ARCHTOP ACOUSTIC GUITAR - All Solid Birch Great Professionally Restored Condition Sound & Play, Re-levelled & re-fretted Fingerboard, Newtone Archtop strings - to local buyer - "I'm enjoying the Harmony Monterey and got lots of good comments about it from guitar playing friends." - VTG1289 - 160301 - Photo #11.

2017 SALES:

*** SOLD *** RADIOTONE 7812 c.1935 ALL SOLID SPRUCE & FLAME MAPLE BLUES, JAZZ & SWING VINTAGE ARCHTOP GUITAR - Really Well-Known Danceband Guitar, L-5 influenced, Cremona Brown finish & reported to have Carved Top. Wider Fingerboard 48mm. Nut Width. I am grateful to Tomas Dvorak of the Schoenbach Guitar Gallery in Prague, who confirmed that this is the carved top model made around 1935, and has indeed arranged it's purchase and return to the Czech Republic....the guitar's homeland! - SOLD IMMEDIATELY! - VTG1541 -

2018 SALES:

*** SOLD ON PRE-ORDER! *** HARMONY H1320 MONTEREY USA VINTAGE LATE 1930s/1940 ACOUSTIC BLUES, JAZZ & SWING ARCHTOP GUITAR - Fully Original All Solid Woods Spruce Top Deep Red Wine Sunburst/Check Binding Flamed Back & Sides Finish Soft "V" Neck - on completion of the restoration, the buyer, a gigging guitarist from North Staffs., collected this stunning guitar - FEEDBACK! - "Just writing to say the guitar is really great. It has a nice full tone and lots of sustain... a joy to play! - "VTG1487 - photo #12.

All guitars are restored to the same high standards as the scores of other Harmony guitars, which I have restored and sold over the years.

The concentration is on structural soundness and playability, rather than any cosmetic touching-up, and certainly no ill-advised refinishing, but of course the guitars are sympathetically cleaned, setup and re-strung, as part restoration.

For availability and individual details on similar guitars, and the restoration work being done on them, please do contact me by email or telephone.
Action, strings & cases
I set out to achieve a 12th. fret action of around 3mm. to 3.5mm. on these guitars, lower on electric models (the Hollywood H39 I sold recently was 1.75mm./2.25mm.)...but if that sounds high to you, please bear in mind that we are in a totally different world of guitar-playing here, to which we cannot apply the "all my guitars have an action of less than 2mm." approach. These are archtop/jazz/blues guitars, and some string height is needed to drive the arched top, in which case a low/electric type action just does not work.

I fit Martin Bronze Light 12-54 gauge strings as standard, but other options may be available, and happy to discuss other string types/gauges to buyer's requirements.

The guitars do not usually come with cases, although I do have some of the original covered pressed-board cases originally supplied with these guitars....those who remember these will recall that they are not exactly what we would now call a fitted case! Alternatively, I may be able to offer a suitable size Hiscox Liteflite hardshell case, offering infinitely better protection. Additional case prices available on request.
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**** YOUTUBE ****

You can find various YouTube clips of Harmony Archtops, including a Monterey H950 All Solid Birch model, from 1946, entitled "Blues Slide Guitar - 1946 Harmony Monterey Archtop", which appears to have a different/non-standard tailpiece, I suspect replacing an original wooden wartime metal restriction tailpiece - interesting because of the age similarity to the higher range H1456 Monterey I sold, but whilst I like Slide playing, it is not what an archtop like this is primarily for!

There are also a couple of clips of the 1960s Redburst H950 Monterey and H945 Master models by GibbonsGuitars, but I have embedded here a clip of another H945 by "bernunziouptownmusic".

There are also a number of clips of Harmony Hollywoods on YouTube, including one by "daveb2575", which I have added as "Useful Link #2, and another by "Joe V".

The Harmony Guitars Database page on the Archtone Tenor H1215TG includes a slightly odd clip of this model archtop tenor.
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