Brief details of previously sold Classical & Flamenco guitars - see "VTG AVAILABLE" listings, in the Classical Guitar section, for similar available guitars or contact me.
When it comes to Classical Guitars, like all the guitars I sell, it comes down to the guitars I like, with the proviso of affordability. So, you will see another page of the Vintage & Modern English, Spanish & Brazilian made guitars, but here are some of the Vintage Japanese made Classicals I have sold....Kimbara, Suzuki, Kasuga etc., which I think represent great value.

Amongst them are a couple of Flamencos, showing the variety of the Japanese production in it's heyday. I have sold quite a number of these Japanese made Classicals, which are invariably beautifully made with attractive woods and elegant detailing, but not just wall-hangers, they are very good sounding and playing vintage guitars, with great character, handsome and the overall effect is of real style and quality.

The tops usually appear to be as flat as the day they left the factory, and their continued integrity after probably between 35 and 40 years is testament to the manufacturing quality, and to the high quality of laminate woods used, typical of Japanese construction of this period.

Although there is much discussion about the use of laminate woods, it has enabled the production and long-term survival of some superb looking and sounding, but affordable vintage guitars, and I am sure has contributed to the survival of this guitar in such great condition, due to the greater durability and freedom from cracking and distortion problems which have seen the failure of many guitars of similar age which were made of solid woods. It is now apparent that over the years these high-quality laminate woods have developed an excellent strong mature tone and volume.
Here are some, not all, of the Classical Guitars I have sold in recent times - in some cases other examples of the same models may be currently available, or at least "in the workshop". Please enquire for current availability, prices and further details.

2012 SALES:

*** SOLD *** KIMBARA MODEL NO.169 VINTAGE 1970s MIJ CEDAR/MAHOGANY SPANISH/CLASSICAL GUITAR - Excellent Condition Sound & Play La Bella Strings All Original Minor Overhaul Completed - VTG1361 - Photo #3.


*** SOLD *** SUZUKI MODEL No.1664 VINTAGE 1970s MADE IN NAGOYA JAPAN CLASSICAL/SPANISH GUITAR - Excellent Sound/Play/Low Action New La Bella Strings All Original Minor Overhaul Completed - VTG1374 - Photo #6.

2013 SALES:

*** SOLD *** KIMBARA MODEL NO.G-100L VINTAGE 1970s CLASSICAL/FLAMENCO GUITAR - MADE IN JAPAN - Excellent Condition Sound & Play New La Bella Strings All Original Minor Overhaul Completed - VTG1405 - Photo #5.


*** SOLD *** KASUGA F-310 VINTAGE 1970s TRADITIONAL CEDAR & CYPRESS PEGHEAD FLAMENCO GUITAR MIJ - Exceptional Condition & Sound All Original except for New Bone Nut & Saddle Original Case Minimal Overhaul carried out included the new Nut & Saddle I purpose made & fitted - VTG1417 - Photo #1.

2014 SALES:

*** SOLD *** KIMBARA MODEL NO.160/C VINTAGE LATE '60s/EARLY '70s "TIME CAPSULE" MIJ CONCERT-STYLE CLASSICAL/SPANISH GUITAR - Really Exceptional Condition, Excellent Sound & Play, New Adagio Strings All original except for upgraded Tuner Machines and Intonated Saddle - VTG1455 - Photo #2.


*** SOLD *** KIMBARA MODEL NO.169 VINTAGE MID/LATE 1970s MIJ SPRUCE/MAHOGANY SPANISH/CLASSICAL GUITAR - Excellent Condition Sound & Play La Bella Strings All Original - VTG1461 - Photo to be added.


*** SOLD *** KIMBARA MODEL NO.175 VINTAGE EARLY 1970s MIJ CEDAR & MAHOGANY SPANISH/CLASSICAL GUITAR - Excellent Condition Sound & Play New La Bella Strings All Original - VTG1483 - Photo to be added.


*** SOLD *** KIMBARA MODEL NO.175/C VINTAGE 1970s MIJ SPRUCE & ROSEWOOD CLASSICAL/SPANISH GUITAR - Excellent Condition, Sound & Play, New La Bella Strings All Original Minimal Overhaul completed - VTG1454 - Photo #4.

2015 SALES:

*** SOLD *** KIMBARA MODEL N106 VINTAGE EARLY 1970s MIJ SPRUCE & MAHOGANY SPANISH/CLASSICAL GUITAR - Excellent Condition Sound & Play New Bone Saddle La Bella Strings Minor Overhaul Completed - VTG1460 - Photo to be added.


*** KIMBARA "CLASSICAL" LATE 1960S/EARLY 1970S MIJ SPRUCE & MAHOGANY CLASSICAL/SPANISH VINTAGE GUITAR - Excellent Professionally Overhauled Condition, Sound & Play, Good Action, Light Restoration/Bridge Re-Glued before sale to the Props Buyer at The Opera House, Glyndebourne for use in one of their productions - VTG1488 - 151203 - Photo #7.

2016 SALES:

Excellent Overhauled Condition, Sound & Play, Professional Restoration Completed, Re-levelled & Re-fretted Fingerboard, New Bone Nut & Saddle - to buyer in Hampshire - "Thank you for your great service and communication. The guitar is beautiful. I look forward to recording with it." - VTGC1019 - 160104.

All guitars are restored to the same high standards as the scores of other Classical guitars, which I have restored and sold over the years.

The concentration is on structural soundness and playability, rather than any cosmetic touching-up, and certainly no ill-advised refinishing, but of course the guitars are sympathetically cleaned, setup and re-strung, as part restoration.

For availability and individual details on the various guitars, and the restoration work being done on them, please do contact me by email or telephone.
Action, strings & cases
I set out to achieve a Classical 12th. fret action of around 3.5mm. to 4mm. on these guitars...but if that sounds high to you, please bear in mind that we are in a totally different world of guitar-playing here, to which we cannot apply the "all my guitars have an action of less than 2mm." approach. These are Classical Guitars with dedicated Nylon Strings with much deeper vibration characteristics than steel strings. Higher clearance is required to avoid what can be the ugly sound of strings clattering on the fretboard, although Flamenco players do use this to good effect and their guitars are set to lower action heights.

I fit La Bella USA strings as standard, usually Elite Series 850 or 900 with either Black or Golden Trebles, or 820 Flamenco Red Nylons where appropriate, but happy to discuss other string types/tensions to buyer's requirements.

The guitars sometimes do not come with cases, although some do have older type but sturdy cases. Alternatively, I may be able to offer a suitable size Hiscox Liteflite hardshell case, offering infinitely better protection. Additional case prices available on request.
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Delivery details
You are welcome to come and try out the guitars available, and of course to collect your guitar. Alternatively I may be able to deliver in person, within reasonable distance, at cost. Otherwise, I will pack securely and post as per arrangements made with you.

Postage Costs:-
To U.K. Addresses 15.00 or 25 for Next Day Delivery.
To European Addresses 30.00 to 60.00, depending on size, weight, value and delivery location.

If you need further information postage costs/timing/insurance or advice on other matters, please contact me via Contact form above, telephone 01543 677140. If no immediate response, I may be contactable via my mobile number 07970 832955, and I will do my best to answer any questions.


In addition to hundreds of UK sales, during the last few years I have sold and had safely delivered many guitars to buyers in EU Countries, including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, and also to Switzerland and Norway. I am always happy to advise potential buyers from throughout Europe with regard to postage arrangements and delivery costs.


In addition to the testimonials on the Home Page, to see the hundreds of complimentary feedback comments kindly left for me by eBay buyers, please check out my eBay ID "vintagetraditionalguitars".


I have a stock of guitars which is added to regularly, but some tend to take a little time to find their way through my workshop, so if you do not see what you are looking for on my website currently, please enquire - who knows, I may have just what you are looking for!

**** YOUTUBE ****

This is one of those real co-incidences, and a real treat! The owner of the guitar in the YouTube clip I have embedded contacted me to confirm that it is the identical model to a Kasuga G100L I sold recently, which on inspection of the two I have had, appears essentially identical to the Kimbara G-100L listed here. It is beautiful a beautiful piece - a guitar arrangement of "Ashoken Farewell" by fiddle player Jay Ungar, beautifully played by "ironmonger100", on the very similar Kasuga, which he describes as a Flamenco- fabulous playing and sound! Here is the kind note he sent:-

"Hi The guitar Shaun is playing is a G100L the same as yours. It belongs to me. Shaun borrowed it for a few recordings. The body is thinner than most classicals and is great for flamenco which I use it for. It is indeed a great guitar. Cheers, Al"

Also as Link #1 I have included another clip of the Eric Clapton piece "Signe" - cover by Martin O'Rourke ("natrelacoustix"), on what turns out to be also a Model No. 169 Kimbara Classical, also as the one above, and Link #2 another similar Kasuga G120 played by Martin Tallstrom.
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YouTube clip - Signe - Eric Clapton - Martin O'Rourke
YouTube clip - various pieces - Martin Tallstrom
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