Brief details of previously sold MIJ acoustic 12 string guitars - see "VTG AVAILABLE" listings, in the Resonator section, for similar available guitars or contact me.
I think that without spending a load of money, along with the vintage Yamaha 12 Strings from the 1970s and early 1980s, the Japanese made 12 strings from the same period have got to be some of the nicest affordable 12 strings around - I've sold a good number of them over the last few years, including Kasugas, Kimbaras & Takamines.

They have all sounded great, played very, very nicely, with comfortable sized necks, which is not always the case with vintage 12 strings, and not least looking great! Exceptional quality and volume of sound - really powerful quality 12 string sound - like an orchestra!

Always nicely coloured and grained Spruce or Cedar tops, usually natural finish, except for the distictive sunburst Epiphone Texan. The equally attractive Mahogany or Rosewood back and sides again often have multi-binding and matching centre and end stripes.

There is much discussion regarding solid/laminate tops, in relation to Vintage Guitars. I have to say that it is not a subject that exercises me greatly, preferring to take the judgment from my ears! I should just say that if this guitar did have a solid wood top, it would probably be no longer with us! The major advantage of the high quality laminate woods used by the Yamaha at this period, which was key to their success, is that they combined exceptionally good sound qualities with strength and durability; particularly the freedom from cracking which has affected so many solid topped guitars over the years.
Here are some, not all, of the Japanese made Acoustic 12 String Guitars I have sold in recent times - in some cases similar models may be available. Please check other listings, "In the Workshop" pages or enquire for current availability, prices and further details.


*** SOLD *** EPIPHONE FT-160 TEXAN VINTAGE 1975 MIJ 12 STRING ACOUSTIC GUITAR - Superb Sunburst Looks, Excellent Sound & Playing, All Original and overhauled/setup - VTG1024 - Photo #1.


*** SOLD *** KASUGA T-20 VINTAGE c.1970 JAPANESE MADE CEDAR & MAHOGANY 12 STRING ACOUSTIC JUMBO GUITAR - Sovereign type shape with Guild style scratcplate, Block Inlays, Excellent Original Condition - VTG1047 - Photo #3.


*** SOLD *** KASUGA W-17 VINTAGE c.1970 JAPANESE MADE CEDAR & MAHOGANY ACOUSTIC 12 STRING JUMBO GUITAR - Similar Jumbo shape & Appointments to T-20 but different pattern inlays - VTG1048 - Photo #4.


*** SOLD *** TAKAMINE DIASTONE WG20 VINTAGE 1970s JAPANESE 12 FRET SLOTHEAD 12 STRING GUITAR - Great Sound & Play, Distictive & Scarce Martin-Like 12 Fret Takamine, All Original Restoration included Bridge refix - VTG1155 - Photo #6.


*** SOLD *** KASUGA T-250 VINTAGE 1970s JAPANESE MADE D12-28 TYPE SPRUCE & ROSEWOOD 12 STRING DREADNOUGHT GUITAR - Superb Sound, Great Play & Martin-Like Vibe, Minimal Overhaul I carried out included fitting New Bridge Pins - VYG1187 - Photo #2.

2012 SALES:

*** SOLD *** KIMBARA MODEL NO.107 VINTAGE 1970s JAPANESE MADE D-35/D-45 TYPE 12 STRING DREADNOUGHT ACOUSTIC GUITAR - Exceptional Sound, Great Playing Low Action, Abalone Binding/Soundhole Ring, Martin-Like, Minimal Restoration I carried out included installation of precautionary additional bracing to the top - VTG1308 (second of two sold) - Photo #5.

2015 SALES:

*** SOLD ON PRE-ORDER! *** KISO SUZUKI 9513 VINTAGE 1970S MIJ SPRUCE/ROSEWOOD DREADNOUGHT 12-STRING ACOUSTIC GUITAR - Beautiful D-55/D-35 Styling, Excellent Sound & Play, Professional Overhaul including Dressing the Bridge & Trussrod Adjustment to improve Set-up - Sold to buyer in Glasgow - "Father is absolutely delighted with both its tone and playability. He reports that with the exception of his Godin A12, it is the easiest to play twelve string guitar he has played and has a really nice feel to it. I expect this is in large part due to the excellent work you did on the guitar." - 151101 - VTG1448 - Photo #7.
All guitars are restored or prepared to the same high standards as the scores of other vintage & modern guitars, which I have restored/sold over the years.

The concentration is on structural soundness and playability, rather than any cosmetic touching-up, and certainly no ill-advised refinishing, but of course the guitars are sympathetically cleaned, setup and re-strung, as part restoration.

For availability and individual details on the various guitars, and the restoration work being done on them, please do contact me by email or telephone.
Action, strings & cases
I set out to achieve a 12th. fret action of around 3mm. to 3.5mm. on these guitars, sometimes a whisker lower...but if that sounds high to you, please bear in mind that we are in a totally different world of guitar-playing here, to which we cannot apply the "all my guitars have an action of less than 2mm." approach. These 12 String acoustics, with a lot of treble strings, and courses of widely varying string gauges, played mainly down the safe end of the fingerboard, and a little more string height is needed.

I fit Martin Bronze XL 10 Gauge Strings as standard, for concert pitch 12 string tuning. The same type Light 12 Gauge strings are available, but only for use with lowered tunings....some players will tune down to say D, even with the XL strings and Capo at the 2nd. fret, but happy to discuss other string type/gauge choices to buyer's requirements.

The guitars sometimes do not come with cases, although some do have older type but sturdy cases. Alternatively, I may be able to offer a suitable size Hiscox Liteflite hardshell case, offering infinitely better protection. Additional case prices available on request.
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Delivery details
You are welcome to come and try out the guitars available, and of course to collect your guitar. Alternatively I may be able to deliver in person, within reasonable distance, at cost. Otherwise, I will pack securely and post as per arrangements made with you.

Postage Costs:-
To U.K. Addresses 15.00 or 25 for Next Day Delivery.
To European Addresses 30.00 to 60.00, depending on size, weight, value and delivery location.

If you need further information postage costs/timing/insurance or advice on other matters, please contact me via Contact form above, telephone 01543 677140. If no immediate response, I may be contactable via my mobile number 07970 832955, and I will do my best to answer any questions.


In addition to hundreds of UK sales, during the last few years I have sold and had safely delivered many guitars to buyers in EU Countries, including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, and also to Switzerland and Norway. I am always happy to advise potential buyers from throughout Europe with regard to postage arrangements and delivery costs.


In addition to the testimonials on the Home Page, to see the hundreds of complimentary feedback comments kindly left for me by eBay buyers, please check out my eBay ID "vintagetraditionalguitars".


I have a stock of guitars which is added to regularly, but some tend to take a little time to find their way through my workshop, so if you do not see what you are looking for on my website currently, please enquire - who knows, I may have just what you are looking for!

**** YOUTUBE ****

You can find numerous clips on YouTube, including the one I have embedded here.

The only YouTube clip I have found of the guitars listed here is a natural top Epiphone FT-160 Texan by Gene Cotsones, but you can see & hear clips of similar age 12 strings on the VTG Archive of Yamaha 12 strings.
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