Three Piece Back Detail, Abalone Inlays, Martin-esque Styling, Hoshino Gakki/Fuji-Gen/Ibanez links.

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This is a really excellent, alive sounding Vintage Dreadnought-bodied Acoustic Guitar, the design clearly inspired by the famous D45 model, together with the Three Piece Back detail, from the D35, and used in many quality Japanese guitars of this period. It is very similar to a Cimar branded guitar I sold 3 or 4 years ago...that was a Hoshino Gakki brand name. Antoria was a brand imported by J.T.Coppock(Leeds)Ltd., and it is suggested that they originated also from Hoshino Gakki & Fuji-Gen Factory, in that they were basically "branded" Ibanez models. Anyway, whatever the history, this is a superb looking guitar in it's own right, which plays and sounds excellent - the volume and tone are exceptional!
The appearance suggests 1970s origins but, although the inside label is intact, there is no dating indication, although the "Foreign" marking of imported goods certainly ceased by the early 1970s, so in all probability it is from the earlier part of the decade. A very striking looking guitar, with great looking, book-matched Spruce top, beautifully grained Rosewood back & sides, with superb Maple inset.

There are considerable similarities between this guitar and the Cimar I sold earlier, which do suggest that the information regarding their common source could be correct. The two guitars look identical, except for detail differences, in that the Cimar had a zero-fret not appearing on the Antoria, and had a plain script headstock name logo, rather than the beautiful, Martin-style inlay decoration on this headstock. Even the model no. designations are similar....the Cimar was Model No.369, this is Antoria Model No.393.

As mentioned in the "Condition" section below, the top has a slight shaping, which appears to be quite normal in Japanese guitars of this type, and has been checked by the professional luthier I work with. It's continued integrity after probably around 40 years is testament to the manufacturing quality, and to the high quality of laminate woods used, typical of Japanese construction of this period.

Although there is much discussion about the use of laminate woods, it has enabled the production and long-term survival of some superb looking and sounding, but affordable vintage guitars, and I am sure has contributed to the survival of this guitar in such great condition, due to the greater durability and freedom from cracking and distortion problems which have seen the failure of many guitars of similar age which were made of solid woods. It is now apparent that over the years these high-quality laminate woods have developed an excellent strong mature tone and volume.

I'm no expert on the different configurations of Martin Acoustic Models, but although it is not a slavish copy of any particular model, I think that you will see various similarities to a certain iconic models, the D35 & D45, including the Abalone trimmings to the edge binding and soundhole ring, and the block inlays, in addition to the three-piece back. Add to that the wonderful inlay in the Rosewood faced headstock, echoing Martin styling, full fingerboard & headstock binding, stringing to the three-piece back and Cream End-stripe, Beautiful Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge, and you have a really knock-out looking guitar!

As is well known, an Antoria acoustic guitar of a different style is clearly visible in Oasis's Wonderwall video.
The condition is really excellent for a probably 40 year old guitar, with mainly only the very lightest of nicks and scratches from normal usage. Only one other knock should be mentioned. This can be seen in photo #4....I have not taken close-up pic, as this tends to give an oversize impression, so showing it in the context of the whole side on body view confirms that it really is a rather small knock and chip in the finish, which I have sealed, since the photos were taken, to stabilise, but is of no structural significance.....and to boot it is out of sight on the underside of the lower bout, when playing.

There is only very slight play wear to the frets and which have been generally cleaned and dressed to remove one or two slightly rough fret-ends. I have also upgraded the end strap button, replacing the rather flimsy plastic button with a better quality Chrome Mushroom Head fitting.

The guitar is essentially original....maybe entirely original? At the moment without having taken them off to inspect, I'm not sure that the individual Gotoh logoed enclosed machinehead/tuners are the originals. I can say that they work very smoothly and that there are no visible altered screw holes. All in all I think that you will agree that the photos show that this remains a very handsome vintage guitar - the photos presently showing were taken before re-stringing & preparation of the guitar.

The guitar has been checked over with the highly experienced luthier I work with. Slight "shaping" to the top, appears both normal & stable.
Action, strings & cases
It plays nicely with a comfortable, reasonably slim, "C" profile rounded neck, with approx. 43mm. nut width, still fairly standard for many modern acoustics. The action is a very acceptable approx. 2.75mm./3.25mm. at the 12th. fret, adjustable via the integral adjustable saddle. Scale length is 25.75"/650mm. It is strung it with Martin Bronze Light 12-54s.

The is no case included, but I may be able to offer additional options of modern hardshell cases (including Hiscox Liteflite), or a gigbag, and the guitar will be packed securely for postage.

**** YOUTUBE ****

I found it hard to find clips of similar Antoria dreadnoughts on the 'tube, and the only two which seemed relevant are the video I have embedded here and the sound bite included as "Useful Link" #1 below.

The video is entitled "Antoria Acoustic Guitar - Rare" by "nhphoto1", and although no details of the guitar are given it is clearly an Antoria dreadnought and appears to be from the same era, although with nowhere near the quality of appointment, but sounding good!

The sound clip entitled "Guitar Demo Antoria Folk guitar mod. 212 1970's MIJ - Marcs Guitars Sound Bite" just shows an image of an Antoria Folk guitar modelled on the Epiphone original, and again sounds superb.
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