Spruce/Oregon Pine Top, Pau Ferro Back/Sides, Excellent Sound/Playing, La Bella USA strings - "In the Workshop" for restoration - and already "pre-ordered".

*** SOLD 30/11/2016 - Previously reserved as pre-order for a customer in Leeds, pending completion of the restoration, and now completed & collected.

....photos of restored guitar now added, together with photos nos. 2,4 & 5 prior to restoration.....the sides have not been refinished, but otherwise showing the before & after!


"Had a long session on the guitar over the weekend and I am very pleased with it. It should be ideal for the Bossa recording project I mentioned. I had an experiment with some recording and it records great through my ribbon mic. Just the sound I was looking for.

Pass on my thanks to Colin as well. Really appreciate the work that you guys have put in on this one to get it back in business."

Amongst regular sales of Japanese, Brazilian, English and Spanish made Classicals, I have sold other Di Giorgios in the past, but they are quite scarce, and it has been some time since I last had the opportunity to offer one! This one

Although the Model No.18 is named Student, or on some models Estudente, it is a thoroughly "grown-up", good quality Classical Guitar, which the luthier I work with commented has an exceptionally strong quality sound! Bearing in mind it's country of origin, it is equally suited to Bossa Nova/Samba playing. Offering excellent sound and playability, the guitar has some exceptional quality detailing and fittings, with richly coloured timbers, of the traditional combination of Spruce/Oregan Pine top and Pao Ferro back & sides.

I am now finding that I regularly "pre-sell" my guitars, at the stage where I am still working on them, and although previously I had my doubts, this arrangement has now worked well in quite a number of cases, so I have decided to list some of the guitars coming through the workshop, in advance of them being fully ready, and welcome further enquiries.
Stock Number: VTG1519.

The Guitar appears to be all original, including the internal label, dated 1972. It has beautifully coloured and grain patterned, book-matched Spruce or Oregon Pine top, with inlayed Black/Maple/Red soundhole rings & Maple edged top-binding. Back and sides, are a spectacularly grain-marked, deep, rich, coloured Pao Ferro, again bookmatched, with Maple binding, back centre stripe and end stripe. The headstock is superbly carved in true Di Giorgio fashion, and fitted highly ornamented machinehead/tuners with Coral colour buttons in sound & unmarked condition.

As mentioned above, even with old strings, the quality of sound from the guitar really impressed the luthier, who is a top-class professional classical guitar-maker! Dimensionally, the guitar is of typical full-size Classical proportions with a standard width fingerboard for a Classical Guitar of 52.5mm. at the nut, but a Scale Length of 642mm./25.25", a full-length, but slightly shorter than some classicals, which tend to have standardised around 650mm. in recent years. Lower bout width of approx. 14.5"/36.5cm. is again standard size.

The top appears very much as flat as the day it left the factory, and the guitar's continued integrity after 44 years is testament to the manufacturing quality, and to the high quality of laminate woods used by Di Giorgio.

Although there is much discussion about the use of laminate woods, it has enabled the production and long-term survival of some superb looking and sounding, but affordable vintage guitars, and I am sure has contributed to the survival of this guitar in such great condition, due to the greater durability and freedom from cracking and distortion problems which have seen the failure of many guitars of similar age which were made of solid woods. It is now apparent that over the years these high-quality laminate woods have developed an excellent strong mature tone and volume.
The condition of the guitar, when it came to me, was generally good for a 44 year old guitar, with only minimal playing/use wear & some age-related and entirely typical/normal superficial cracking/crazing on the finish only. These were inspected with the highly respected & experienced luthier I work with, and confirmed to be in the surface finish, with no cracking whatsoever to the underlying timber. This is entirely usual in Di Giorgio, and many other guitars from the period, purely because of the nature of the finish used. I agreed with the prospective buyer that the top and back of the body would be stripped and re-finished, and that, together with other work, has now been completed.

The other work included re-levelling and re-fretting the Rosewood fingerboard. Now completed, the playing is just like a new guitar. The original Nut has been retained, but a replacement Bone saddle has been purpose-made & fitted, to the original bridge, which itself has been partly re-finished, together with the fitting of new purpose-made bone back edge strip, following removal & re-gluing.

During the course of the work signs of weakness stress were noted at the base of the headstock/neck juncture, a regular point of weakness. The decision was made to rout out two channels & fit Mahogany reinforcements. It was found in during the course of this work that the neck itself does have a metal reinforcement bar originally installed, so together with the additional reinforcement now introduced we are confident that the neck/headstock are entirely stable. The back of the neck has also been re-finished. This element of the work was carried out by the professional luthier I work with himself, and the rest of the work, was completed in his workshop, under his supervision.

Otherwise the guitar appears to be all original. The highly ornamented machineheads/tuners, with characteristic metal rollers, appear to be the originals, but show no real age-related deterioration, and work fine. All in all I think that you will agree that the post-restoration photos now added, show that the restoration has been truly in keeping with the essential character of a Di Giorgio guitar, and that this remains a particularly handsome vintage guitar.
Action, strings & cases
Prior to commencement of the re-fretting work, the guitar was playing very nicely, with a full classical width, but quite shallow "D" shaped profile neck. It already has a good true classical action, around 3.5mm./4mm. at the 12th fret. It has been strung with quality USA made La Bella strings, probably 850-B Elite, Medium-tension, with Golden Alloy Wound Basses and Black Nylon Trebles. I am just now waiting for the guitar to settle after re-stringing, before completing the set-up adjustments to the nut & saddle, expecting to maintain a very similar action.

There is no case included, but I have some padded gigbags, or if you are looking for a hardshell case, offering greater protection, I may be able to lay hands on a virtually unused Hiscox Liteflite hardshell case, and I will be happy to discuss with you a combined price for the guitar and case.
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**** YOUTUBE ****

I have embedded below as the YouTube Video a clip of a much newer Di Giorgio Estudante No:18 Classical Guitar by guitarshoptantan, which may have different detailing, but is clearly a 30 year younger example of the same model, with a further clip of a 1981 version of the same model as the additional link below that. You will find plenty more YouTube demos of various Di Giorgios of interest.
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