Superb, Steel-Bodied, Modern Traditional Tricone, Vintage/Art Deco Style, Little-used Mint Condition in Original Case.

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Bought new in the States in 2007, but with November, 2006 production dating, the guitar has had no real use & is therefore rightly described as Mint Condition.
Stock Number: VTGC1033.

Many players prefer the sound of the steel bodied Tricones to Brass ones....especially for blues. While Tricone models already have an advantage over single cone resonators in terms of sustain; it is thought that steel bodies add a texture and a little volume to them as well. It is suggested that the National ResoPhonic Polychrome Tricone offers a very complex tone with lots of harmonics and overtones.

This Polychrome Tricone has a Steel Body, 12-Fret Round Profile Maple Neck, Bound Rosewood Fingerboard with MOP Dot Inlays & Bone Nut, Solid Peaked Peghead with "Ebonoid" Vintage Art Deco Style Engraved Facing, Kluson-like, but "Grover Deluxe" stamped Enclosed Tuners, and Baked Powdercoat Finish.

Quote from Vintage Guitar Info's National Resonator page....the full text can be seen on the "Useful Link #1" below....

"As mentioned above, vintage National resonators aren't for everyone. Vintage Nationals are peculiar, and you have to know what to look for. NEW National resonators have become very popular. They have adjustable necks and sound great. One of the best sounding new National is the "polychrome" tricones. With a steel body and three resonators, these are great guitars."

Further quote from Bob Broznan's Official Website - "The Authority on National Guitars"....

"Most tricone models are made from brass. The Polychrome Tricones are made from steel - a NEW concept pioneered by National Reso-Phonic, in order to get that tricone sound into the hands of working musicians. There is no difference in the quality between a steel- and a brass-bodied guitar - only the type of metal and finish. The steel models are finished with a cool industrial powdercoat enamel in several colors. The brass-bodied models are nickel plated, with various ornamental engravings available. The finish makes NO difference in the sound, and the body material makes about a 5% difference in sound - not better or worse, JUST DIFFERENT. Again, if pressed, I would venture to say that the steel body has a very slightly more blues tone. The brass body has a very slightly more sophisticated tone, which INCLUDES that blues tone, but may work a little better than the steel when playing Hawaiian, jazz, or other kinds of music."

....full text from this site on this link:-

Almost unused, and therefore rightly described as Mint Condition.
Action, strings & cases
Has been professionally set-up in the workshop of the luthier I work with, with minor adjustments to the trussrod, nut & Maple saddle, giving a set-up with a little more string height at the first fret, to allow for Bottleneck slide playing, and a 12th. fret action of approx. 2.5mm./3mm. I would expect the buyer to want to fit their own particular choice of strings....current strings are aged Phosphor Bronze, probably Medium 13-56 gauge, but not the obvious choice for a National, but let me know if you would like us to fit new strings. Supplied in original hard case.


I have a stock of guitars which is added to regularly, but some tend to take a little time to find their way through my workshop, so if you do not see what you are looking for on my website currently, please enquire - who knows, I may have just what you are looking for!

**** YOUTUBE ****

At a quick look this is the first clip I found on YouTube entitled "National Polychrome Tricone Guitar" by "oatmeal7"
....there are no doubt others, which I will check out & add to the listing if helpful.

Useful Link #1 is to Vintage Guitar Info's National Resonator page , giving a very broad (if sometimes opinionated) view of the currently available & vintage National models and the history of the company and it's guitars.

Useful Link #2 is to Jake Wildwood's Antebellum Instruments Blogspot review of a 1999 example of the same National Polychrome Tricone model. Apart from Jake's uniquely informed opinion on the sound of the Tricone, and the fact that that guitar had obviously been through the mill somewhat, whereas this one has barely been touched, the further interest is to click on the small "Soundcloud" icon for some interestingly delicate playing on that guitar.
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