1999 Model, confirmed by Serial Number, High-value (New Santa Cruz OM Model prices start at £4,500), Sought-after Guitar in Impressively Good Condition, Hardshell Case.

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Santa Cruz website introduction to the OM-Orchestra Model range......

"In the 1920’s, the Orchestra Model was originally intended to be a large guitar capable of being heard over other orchestral instruments, hence the OM name. Although it fit the bill, its relatively large body was soon eclipsed by the mighty dreadnought. Fortunately, the OM had secured its place in history as a powerful and versatile voice for public performance. Santa Cruz was among the first modern builders to reintroduce this now smaller bodied favorite at the beginning of the Eighties. Our practice of combining the most desirable attributes of old and new, rather than copying, made for a very successful introduction of the Santa Cruz Guitar Company to a whole new audience. With some irony, this acclaim encouraged the venerable originator of the OM to reintroduce the model to their line. Eric Clapton’s historic performance on the debut of MTV Unplugged set us on a course for another 25 years of success with this now perennial favorite.

The OM is delightfully versatile. Our OM players range from blazing flat picker James Nash to John Mayer and Elvis Costello. The Santa Cruz Guitar Company OM provides clean, loud mid-range and trebles that are complimented by a slightly predominant bass. Deeply appreciated for fingerstyle and contemporary flat picking work, the OM is our number one request."
Stock Number: VTGC1049.

Santa Cruz OM/E Model Serial Number 1495 confirmed as dating from 1999 on the Santa Cruz website "Date Your Guitar, or Find Custom Specs" page. I have completed the Enquiry Form on this page, and await response from Santa Cruz, as per their advice....."Curious about the history of a Santa Cruz guitar? Enter the model and serial number below, and we’ll email you the date of build, any custom specifications and any historical information available.".....will update with these details when available.

Update.....received 10/07....after second time of asking, as follows...........

Purchasing <purchasing@santacruzguitar.com> Today at 0:55
Message body

Hi Bob,

Thank you for contacting us, I’m happy to help! OM/E-1495 was completed in 1999 and was the pre-cursor to the Pre-War Orchestra model. The "E" was for export, as this model was designed for our European dealers. All standard specs are the same as the Pre-War Orchestra model and can be found here: https://www.santacruzguitar.com/om-pre-war/

Please send any other questions my way. Also if you're interested in trying our Parabolic Tension Strings, we set up the Pre-War Orchestra model with the low tension version.

Thanks for supporting our small shop!

Christina Webster, Santa Cruz Guitar Company, 151C Harvey West Blvd., Santa Cruz, CA 95060, 831-425-0999

Meantime the Santa Cruz website general outline of specification for the OM-PW (Pre-war) Model, includes the following description, followed by this specification outline, to which I have made some amendments to the detail, where it is obvious that this OM/E model varies from the OM-PW spec., but of course there may be other detail variations which are not obvious.........

"The Pre-War Orchestra Model honors its pre-WWII predecessors with an advanced X and scalloped top bracing. This time-tested design ensures large bass response and overall volume. Acoustic Guitar Magazine has placed it as one of the most important instruments of the last 20 years. The OM/PW is presented with understated appointments to emphasize master grade materials, tone and workmanship. It is perfect for the aficionado that loves the advantages of a professional boutique instrument without the cost of rare wood and ornamentation. The OM’s versatility and ergonomics lend great appeal for traditional picking styles and impressive rhythm work. Expect the predominant bass and throaty presence of the surviving pre-war antiques."

Body Wood Type Indian Rosewood
Binding Ivoriod
Top Wood Type Sitka Spruce
Rosette Herringbone inlay & rings
Bracing/Voicing Scalloped
Neck Peghead Solid Square
Overlay Material Ebony
Headstock Inlay SCGC
Width at Nut 1-3/4″/44.5mm.
Neck Shape C with Volute
Fingerboard Side Dots Black
Inlay 2mm dots
Width at 14th Fret 2-3/16"/55.6mm.
Binding Ivoroid
Scale Length 25-1/2"/648mm.
Finish Top Clear
Back & Sides Clear/Buffed
Neck Clear/Matte
Setup Pickguard Tortoise
Tuners/gears Nickel Grovers
It is a near-20 year old guitar, but I don't think that you will find a cleaner example.
Action, strings & cases
Good 12th. fret action - 2mm. to 2.75mm., with slight fingerboard relief....trussrod adjustment not considered essential....unless you are experienced in set-up adjustments, any adjustment should be undertaken by an experienced professional luthier/technician.

Existing strings fitted are probably Light/12 Gauge....it is anticipated that buyer will wish to fit there own preferred choice of strings.

Probably original TKL Deluxe Hard Case is included....substantial construction, deep Plum colour plush lining, in sound/serviceable condition, with some edge/corner wear, commensurate with age/normal use, with an original Warranty Cards in the storage compartment.
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Bluesman's Vintage Harmony & Stella Guitar Collection.

I have a copy of the February 2011 Issue of "Guitar & Bass" Magazine, which includes an article entitled "Harmony Central", in which Ian Siegal discusses his adored collection of Vintage '60s Harmony and Stella Guitars!

In addition to this and the testimonials on the Home Page, to see the hundreds of complimentary feedback comments kindly left for me by eBay buyers, please check out my eBay ID "vintagetraditionalguitars", and eBay Shop "Vintage and Traditional Guitars".


I have a stock of guitars which is added to regularly, but some tend to take a little time to find their way through my workshop, so if you do not see what you are looking for on my website currently, please enquire - who knows, I may have just what you are looking for!

**** YOUTUBE ****

There are many demo clips of various Santa Cruz OM guitars, but I haven't yet come across one of this OM/E variant, no doubt because it is a fairly scarce guitar, from a limited production run, nearly 20 years ago. However, I have embedded a clip entitled "Santa Cruz ON Review from Acoustic Guitar", introduced as "a standard Santa Cruz OM".....and needless to say sounding beautiful with some impressive playing technique.

Additional link below to the OM section of the Santa Cruz website, followed by a link to another YouTube clip demoing the later "Pre-war" variant of the Santa Cruz OM.....again very nice playing & sound.
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