Standard Full-Size Guitar, but slightly shorter 24.75"/629mm. Scale & slimmer 50mm Nut Width, Iconic Maker, All Solid Spruce Top & Sycamore Back & Sides.

JUST AVAILABLE & READY TO GO! - 29/01/2021 - Selling on commission for a taken as it arrived, before overhaul & re-stringing, now completed.

UPDATE - WITHDRAWN FROM SALE! - 02/03/2021 - Customer has rediscovered "that beautiful little Petersen", so is quite rightly hanging on to it!


I have sold quite a number of Petersen guitars of quite a few years now, both original Harald Petersen made examples, as well as the high quality Concert Classical Guitars made by Peter & Tom Petersen, who continued the iconic Petersen guitar production after the death of their father in 1969, until about 1984.

This one, an all original guitar carries the label of Thomas Petersen, and although it is not dated, the guitar was commissioned in the mid-1960s, for the lady who has owned it since new. At the time the owners family lived in the South Cumbria area, not far from the Petesens.

This is the first Petersen guitar I have come across, with a slightly shorter scale. They usually had a standard 652mm./25.75" scale, but this one is an inch shorter, although I know that some some of the early classical guitars Harald Petersen made also had the 2mm. slimmer nut width at 50mm., rather than standard 52mm. Otherwise it is standard full-size guitar, as described in the "Main Description" section below.
Stock Number: VTGC1058.

Harald Petersen moved to England from Denmark, and became a highly respected Classical Guitar Maker, based in Cumbria, but famously associated with, and selling many of his guitars through the Spanish Guitar Centre, established by Len Williams, father of John Williams, in 1952. After his death in 1969, his two sons continued making the same pattern of Petersen Concert Classical Guitar models, until I believe about 1984.

I have owned and sold previously a good number of Petersens, including another with a "Thomas Petersen" label which was both signed & dated 1965, and designated as a Model "B".

As mentioned above, this is a full-size Classical guitar, but with slightly shorter scale length, and slightly slimmer fingerboard. Except for a short period when Harald Petersen opted for a longer than usual 26" scale length, Petersen guitars have had a standard 652mm./25.75" scale and 52mm. nut width. This guitar was commissioned to the original lady owner's requirements, with the scale just 1" shorter than Petersen's standard length, and the nut width just 2mm. narrower, on a reasonably shallow, slightly "D" profile neck, typical of Petersen guitars.

The actual dimensions of the guitar are:- Overall length: 99cm./39" - Body Length: 49cm./19.25" - Body Width: 37cm./14.5" - Upper Bout: 28.5cm./11.25" - Body Depth - Front: 9.2cm./3.6" - Rear: 9.7cm./3.8".

The high quality of the construction is typical of Petersen guitars, combined with a simplicity of detailing which I very much like, three-ply top binding and inlaid soundhole rings, combined with simple rounded headstock design. The top is beautifully figured Spruce, with the characteristic Petersen book-matched and interestingly grained Sycamore back and sides.
The guitar is clearly all original, but really does not look over 50 years old! The condition is really very good, beautiful finish, with only limited areas of finish wear and minor marks - but all in all, really minor markings for a vintage guitar, and really very, very smart.

The simply styled original machine heads remain bright and working well, set on beautiful Rosewood faced headstock. Plain, but nice Rosewood bridge is in good condition, as are the Bone Saddle & Nut.

There is only very slight visible marking to the Rosewood fingerboard, after the minor overhaul I have completed on the guitar, prior to fitting new strings, which has included dressing & cleaning up the fingerboard, and a stoning level & reprofiling the frets, following which the guitar was checked over by the professional luthier I work with.
Action, strings & cases
The action at the 12th. fret is spot-on at 3.5mm./4mm., possibly even a little lower than some players would consider to be an ideal classical action, but clearly high enough to play without problems, and the shorter scale, giving slightly reduced string tension, and the slightly narrower fingerboard, all-in-all make this a very easy nice guitar to play.

The guitar was re-strung by me a few months ago, with D'Addario Pro-Arte EJ45 Normal Tension Classical strings, but in current travel restrictions the guitar is still with my customer, and although I believe it remains in identical condition to when I saw it last in May, in all probability the buyer will wish to fit strings of their own choice, possibly some players might wish to consider harder tension strings on the shorter scale.

The original hard case is included, in very good condition.
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I recently came across the embedded YouTube clip entitled "Tenderly - Fingerstyle guitar arrangement" by Marcus Ford, decribed as "A short arrangement of Tenderly (Walter Gross) performed by Scottish guitarist Marcus Ford.
Guitar: Harold Petersen Classical Circa 1960." after previously having failed to find any clips recorded on a Petersen guitar, or a vintage Alhambra, so glad to find one at least, at last!

The added Useful Links are clips of further favourite pieces....Francisco Tarrega's Recuerdos de la Alhambra played with the Flamenco Tremolo (piami) on a Flamenco Guitar as Link #1, and Concierto de Aranjuez - Adagio - Joaquin Rodrigo played by Paco de Lucia as Link #2.
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Francisco Tarrega's Recuerdos de la Alhambra played by atrafana
Concierto de Aranjuez - Adagio - Joaquin Rodrigo - Paco de Lucia
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